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XXII UEF Governing Council Meeting 2019 Maienfeld, Switzerland

13 - 16 June 2019

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  • Maienfeld region
    Maienfeld region
  • Maienfeld center
    Maienfeld center
  • Hotel Heidihof
    Hotel Heidihof
  • Forest center
    Forest center
  • Swiss mountain
    Swiss mountain
  • Participants
    Photo Boris Gospodinov
    Participants Photo Boris Gospodinov
  • seminar
  • the Alps around the school
    the Alps around the school
  • During the seminar
    During the seminar
  • our guide and French president
    our guide and French president
  • Bulgarian and Ukrainian ladies delegation
    Bulgarian and Ukrainian ladies delegation
  • Olga during Ukraine presentation
    Olga during Ukraine presentation
  • Turkich presentation
    Turkich presentation
  • Albanian presentation
    Albanian presentation
  • North Macedonian presentation
    North Macedonian presentation
  • Liechtenstein presentation
    Liechtenstein presentation
  • Delegates smiling
    Delegates smiling

  • During the fondue
    During the fondue
  • Fondue landscape
    Fondue landscape
  • Presidency presentations during GCM
    Presidency presentations during GCM
  • Olaf and Hans CH and D
    Olaf and Hans CH and D
  • Danish delegation
    Danish delegation
  • Our Swiss students guests
    Our Swiss students guests
  • Turkich delegation
    Turkich delegation
  • Polish and Ukrainian delegations
    Polish and Ukrainian delegations
  • Albanian delegation
    Albanian delegation
  • Finish delegation
    Finish delegation
  • Cyprus delegation
    Cyprus delegation
  • Italian delegation
    Italian delegation
  • German delegation
    German delegation
  • Boris Gospodinov
    Boris Gospodinov
  • During the field tour
    During the field tour
  • field tour
    field tour
  • Swiss Alps tree
    Swiss Alps tree
  • Swiss mountain forest
    Swiss mountain forest
  • The farewell dinner
    The farewell dinner

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