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XIII Governing Council Meeting 2007 Herning Denmark

29 August - 02 September 2007

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AGENDA OF THE GCM 30 08 2007




HERNING, DENMARK -  30.08. 2007







1. Opening of the meeting – president


2. Role call of delegates and announcement of the number of members present and entitled to vote – secretary and the treasurer


3. Adoption of the Agenda


4. Report from the Presidency

a) Reports about the progress and development since the last GCM

b) Brussels matters:

  • Advisory Group on Forestry and Cork
  • Advisory Group on Forest Based Industry
  • Workgroup under the Standing Forestry Committee
  • UEF Round Table Meeting

c) Future work plans


5. MCPFE Conference in Poland 5-7 November 2007

        a) Presentation

        b) Needed decisions about the Conference


 6. Biomass position paper of the UEF

a) Presentation of the proposal

b) Needed decisions about the position paper


7. Auditors report on final audits for 2006


8. Application for new membership in UEF

  1. Application of the Croatian Forestry Union
  2. Presentation by Croatian Forestry Union
  3. Approval of the membership


9. GCM 2008 in AMSTETTEN – Austria

- Presentation


10. Miscellaneous


11. Concluding of the UEF GOVERNING COUNCIL MEETING 2007

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