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XVIII Governing Council Meeting 2014 Nessebar, Bulgaria

09 - 12 October 2014

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Minutes of the UEF- 18th Governing Council Meeting 2014, held on 10th October 2014 in Nessebar - Bulgaria

1.   Opening of the meeting (President)

President Michael Diemer opened the GCM 2014 at 3.00 p.m.

30 persons were presented; 11 Nations, 15 Organizations;

2.   Roll calls of delegates and announcement of the number of members present and entitled

      to vote (Secretary and the Treasurer)


A Verband Österreichischer Förster 1
D Bund Deutscher Forstleute (BDF) 6
Belg. Association des Ingénieurs des Eaux et Forêts  1
BG Union of Independent Bulgarian Professional Foresters  1
BG Union of Bulgarian Foresters 1
CY Cyprus Association of Professional Foresters 1
CY Foresters Association Graduate of the Cyprus Forestry College 1
CZ Ceská Lesnická Spolecnost  (red. Memberfee)  0
DK Danske Skov- og Landskabsingeniører   4
DK Danske Forstkandidaters Forening   3
I Consiglio dell´ Ordine Naxionale dei Agronomi e forestali 4
FL Liechtensteiner Forstverein (Sektion Förster) 1
Lux. Association des Forestiers Luxembourgeois  1
Fin.  METO - Metsäalan Asiantuntijat ry   6
Fin.  Society of Finnish Professional Foresters 4
F EFA-CGC    3
S Sveriges Skogstjänstemannaförening 4
CH Schweizerischer-Ingenieur-und Architekten-Verein-Fachverein 1
  TOTAL 49

Present at the GCM 2014

Austria (VÖF) 1 vote (paid)
Bulgaria (UBF) 1 vote (paid)
Bulgaria   (BULPROFOR) 1 vote (paid)
Cyprus (APF)  1 vote (paid)
Cyprus    (FAGCFC)     1 vote (paid)
Denmark (DSL)        3 votes  (paid)
Denmark  (DFF)   4 votes (paid)
France (EFA-CGC) 3 votes (paid)
Finland (METO)  6 votes (paid)
Finland (SEPF) 4 votes (paid)
Italy  (CONAF) 4 votes (paid)
Germany (BDF) 6 votes (paid)
Poland (SITLID) 6 votes (paid)
Sweden (SSF) 4 votes (paid)
Czech Rep. (CLS) 0 vote (paid)
  TOTAL 45 votes  


15 Organizations were present. 11 Countries; 45 votes + 7 votes from Presidency

3.   Adoption of the Agenda (Secretary)

A draft has been handed out to each member.

Agenda was adopted;

4.   Report from the Presidency and Work plans for 2014 – 2015 (Presidency members)

Michael made a short introduction about Presidency activities and responsibilities since the last Congress in Saariselkä 2013.

4.1  Matters on the EU and European level

  • Advisory Group on Forestry and Cork /

Civil dialogue Group (CDG) on Forestry and Cork

PP-Presentation by President Michael Diemer

  • Advisory Committee on Forest Based Industry /

Expert Group (EG) on Forest based Industry

PP-Presentation by President Michael Diemer; Björn Karlsson is responsible;

  • EU Forest Strategy and Workgroup on SFM Criteria

PP-Presentation by President Michael Diemer

  • Bio Based Industry, Horizon, Large Carnivores, …

PP-Presentation by President Michael Diemer

  • Forest Europe Process and Negotiations about a Legally Binding Agreement for Europe

PP-Presentation by Vice President Tomasz Markiewicz


PP-Presentation by Vice President Hervé Némoz-Rajot, Hakan Nystrand from Arnaud Brizay material (UNECE / FAO)

  • Forest Communicators Network

PP-Presentation by Secretary Thomas Baschny

4.2  Reports about UEF´s activities

  • UEF meetings and projects

PP-Presentation by Vice President Ilpo Puputti

  • Homepage and Information

PP-Presentation by Vice President Hervé Némoz-Rajot


  • 2 Presidency letters
  • A 17 letters collection you can download
  • Useful and new UEF official gifts (clocks, key rings, stickers)
  • New UEF business card updated after the congress
  • Special information E-mails from our assistant secretary
  • Some projects in work (a new UEF brochure)
  • A new homepage in 2015? (no contract, no changes, …)

Proposal: new contract with a new provider and webmaster (more easy to update by ourselves)

We have one selected offer from Bulgaria and it will be cheaper in future. (Cheaper with a UEF Presidency monitoring and maintenance; simplified menu)

Decision GCM 2014: we will change the webmaster and create a new homepage.

Discussion about UEF-Position papers. Now integrated in our UEF external Newsletter (or in UEF internal flash info).

  • Sleeping and new members activities

PP-Presentation by Assistant Secretary Anna Petrakieva

  • 24 members organizations – 20 countries
  • Some of them are sleeping or not participating /paying
  • Ireland, Croatia, Albania, Moldova;
  • New possible members: Ukraine, German women in forestry, Romania, Greece, Macedonia;

5.   Auditors report 2013 (Auditors)

The auditors from Cyprus (Christodoulos Christodoulou) and from Denmark (Henrik Steffensen Bach) presented the written report. Result: All bills and additional documents presented to the auditors correspond to the existing bank statements for the period of audit. See the attached document!

  1. The treasurer Björn Karlsson presented his detailed report. (See the attached presentation)

Result 2013: - € 1.308,- (Coast € 32.490,- Income: € 31.182,-)

Budget 2014: Coasts € 28.500,- (Income: € 29.000,-)

Budget 2015: Coasts € 25.500,- (Income: € 29.000,-)

7.   Report on EU founds for forests (François-Xavier Nicot)

PP-Presentation by François-Xavier Nicot

8.   Presentation on the next GCM (SITLiD)

PP-Presentation by Piotr Grygier

SITLiD and Polish State Forests invited UEF for GCM 2015 in Ustron-Jaszowiec.

Seminar title: “Forestry in the mountains and industrial areas under and after pressure of industries”

2nd week in September 2015. (Katowice Regional Directorate)

9.   Presentation on EXPO 2015 (CONAF)

PP-Presentation by Mattia Busti

EXPO is every 5 years; 2015 in Milan (Italy); Title: “Feeding the Planet - Energy for life” (1st of May – 31st of October 2015)

VI World Congress of Agronomists (14 – 18 Sept. 2015 Milan, Italy); WAA Pavilion in EXPO; 20 Mio. People are expected; 144 countries; WAA-CONAF - 30 events;

Forest matters – forest week

  • XI CEDIA European Conference (10 – 11 Nov. 2014 Brussels – Belgium)

10. Miscellaneous

Hans Jacobs: Discussion about the separation of forest management and timber selling systems for different kind of forest ownership . It can be a topic for UEF. Perhaps we have to contact EUSTAFOR.

11. Concluding of the UEF Governing Council Meeting 2014 (President)

President Michael Diemer thanked for the meeting and closed the GCM 2014 at 7.00 p.m.


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