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XX Congress 2021 Chartres, France

30 September - 02 October 2021

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1. Opening of the XXth UEF Congress                                 

2. Rollcall of delegates and approval of the list of delegates                     
and announcement of the number of organizations members present and entitled to vote.

3. Election of the President of Congress and his or her deputy, election of two minutes-takers, who shall also count the votes.   

4. Adoption of the Congress agenda 


5. Report from the Presidency members

a. Responsibilities and overview of activities                                           
b. Matters on the EU and European level

  • Civil Dialogue Group (CDG) on Forestry and Cork
    and Expert Group on Forest Based Industry (FBI)           
  • UNECE-FAO                                                                     
  • Forest Europe Process                                                     
  • Forest Communicators Network
    and Forest Pedagogic Congress                                      

c. Reports about UEF´s activities

  • UEF meetings and UEF projects                          
  • Website and Communication                                          
  • Treasurer economical report                                             

6. Auditors’ report on final audits; discharge of the Presidency and treasurer

7. Motions put forward by the member organizations,                               
each accompanied by a statement from the Presidency.

8. “New EU Forest Strategy” – UEF statement adopted by members        

9. Action plan for the coming four years                                       
10. Approval of the budget for 2022


11. Election of the new Presidency

  • election of the President
  • election of the three Vice Presidents                                               
  • election of the Secretary and Assistant Secretary          
  • election of the Treasurer
  • election of two auditors and two deputy auditors


12. Proposals of next meetings

  • Governing Council Meeting 2022 in Finland           

13. Miscellaneous
14. Closing of the XXth UEF Congress by the President of the Congress



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