UEF Management | UEF Structure | External Representation

UEF members are officially represented by members of the Presidency in the following groups:

UEF is full member of all the EU Commission groups about forestry.

& Civil Dialogue Group on Forestry and Cork (Michael Diemer, alternateTomasz Markievicz)

& Expert Group on Forest-based Industries and Sectorally Related Issues (Marten Gustafsson, alternate:Ilpo Puputti)

& New Commission Expert group Commission  Multi-Stakeholder Platform on Protecting and Restoring the World's Forests, including the EU Timber Regulation and the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Regulation (Ilpo Puputti)

& New Commission Expert group of multi-stakeholder platfrom on deforestation and forest degradation. (Ilpo Puputti).

European level groups:

& UNECE-FCN (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - Forest Communicators Network) (Thomas Baschny, alternate Anna Petrakieva)

& UNECE-FAO Forests (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe –Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Forest) (Ilpo Puputti, alternate Hervé Némoz-Rajot)

& PEFC Europe (Program for the Endorsement of Forest – Europe) (Hervé Némoz-Rajot)

& Forest Europe (The Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe) (Tomasz Markievicz)