Members | How to become Member

Practical information

  • The benefits of UEF membership are numerous:
    - be a member of the European foresters family
    - have a lot of contacts all over Europe
    - take part every year in our Governing Council Meeting and, at the same time, in our seminar about different topics every year and make a presentation about your country
    - participate in the UEF lobbying activity within the EU in Brussels to promote forests and foresters (UEF is a full member of the two EU consulting groups about forest and forest policy)
    - receive the UEF Presidency Letters and other UEF publications etc.
  • The process to enter UEF is simple:   you must...
    - send us your statutes to be checked according to our constitution
    - be present as an observer in the next UEF annual GCM
    - present your organization and your candidacy and the GCM will vote your full admission as a member organization.
  • The annual fees are:   1.2 Euro per declared member of your organization
  • We usually have:  three Presidency meetings per year and one Governing Council Meeting.
  • Our elective Congress is every 4 years (the latest one was in Finland in 2013)
  • Your national foresters association is warmly welcome to become a member of the UEF if you decide it.
  • You have to send an official demand by e-mail to the Vice President Hervé Némoz-Rajot for more information