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UBF 100 years in Sofia

Tuesday, October 13 , 2009 4452

The Union of Bulgarian Foresters anniversary in Sofia Professor Kolarov, President of the UBF invited Hakan Nystrand, President of UEF and Hervé Némoz-Rajot, Secretary of UEF to participate to the 100 years anniversary of the UBF in Sofia, on the 25th of september.
During a nice official ceremony, UEF was very visible and could congratulate all the Bulgarian foresters with two speachs. Your UEF representatives were happy to be there with our Bulgarian colleagues, in this great and important day.
A monument was inaugurated by Hakan Nystrand and President Kolarov in the Forestry University of Sofia.Long life to the UBF! More information on the UBF homepage, also in English:

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