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Joint letter about The future of the dialogue with the forest sector- New Commission Decision 2022/1368 of 3 August 2022 on Civil Dialogue Groups

Wednesday, September 28 , 2022 469

UEF together with the important stakeholders in the forest sector (CEETTAR, CEI-Bois, CEPF, CEPI, Copa-Cogeca, ELO, EUSTAFOR, FECOF, USSE), sent a joint letter to Mr Janusz Wojciechowski Commissioner for Agriculture at the European Commission and expressed concerns on the future of the dialogue with the sector.

By this letter UEF together with the rest of the Forests stakeholders expressed deep disappointment that the current Civil Dialogue Group on Forestry and Cork was not included in the new New Commission Decision (2022/1368 of 3 August 2022) on Civil Dialogue Groups and will not be part of the future framework.

The letter underlined concerns on the fact that forest stakeholders and managers have not been listened to during the preparation of the new EU Forest Strategy and the New Commission Decisions. The lack of proper dialogue is alarming. Now again, the forest sector is faced with a decision from the Commission without prior consultation or discussion with the sector.

The letter also state “As active members of the current Civil Dialogue on Forestry and Cork we do see a need to ensure the continuity of the ongoing dialogue among the forest sector and the Commission under the CDGs framework (as mentioned in the new Commission Decision) and to have a balanced approach on all three pillars of sustainable forest management.”

The letter also presented the key concerns on the future forestry framework:

1. Representativeness of stakeholders' organisations;

2. Participation and interpretation for the meetings;

3. Importance of sub-groups.

The whole text of the joint letter is available at:

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Joint letter on the future of the dialogue with the forest sector.pdf

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