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Considerations of the EU Forest Managers and Owners on two EU Documents

Sunday, February 13 , 2022 1438

Since the beginning of the year the European forestry actors have prepared and send to the European Parliament two key statements.

The first one sent in the end of January included the considerations of the EU forest-based sector on the report of the amended LULUCF regulation

Forest owners, managers and the forest-based industries in Europe have analysed the draft report proposed by MEP Ville Niinistö (FI/Greens) and shared some considerations.

The European forest-based sector supports the idea of not bringing emissions from agriculture into LULUCF (Amendment 26). Since the LULUCF and agriculture sectors are very different in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and removals, the merge of agriculture, forestry and land use could lead to the forest sector offsetting emissions from other sectors. To reach ambitious climate targets, all sectors need to do their share and forests´ role should not be compensating emissions from other sectors.

The seconds paper presents the Forest managers and owners considerations on the proposal for a Deforestation and Forest Degradation Regulation, published by the European Commission on 17 November 2021 that risks to miss its aim due to inadequate definitions, unfeasible monitoring and implementation provisions.


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