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UEF participated in the “Wood be Better You Yube Seminar

Sunday, October 24 , 2021 934

The UEF representative, Marten Gustafsson assistant-secretary participated in the “Wood be Better, Welcome to Nature restoration in forestsYouTube conference on 15th of October 2021.


The forest-based Brussels network was launched by the Swedish forest-based sector

Meeting was organized as a dialogue on the topic of “Nature resturation” and how such a proposal can be handled and implemented.

The organiser was interested to focus on the view of the differences of forests in Europe.

The conference was very well organised and a variety of speakers were invited to share their knowledge and experience.

UEF raised the question about the financing of the forest restoration process and who will pay for it, but no real answer was given.

The meeting may be seen at:

A new “Wood be better” event is planned for the beginning of next year.

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