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The new European Union forest strategy for 2030 is published!

Wednesday, July 28 , 2021 1480

After a long process, the European Commission published the new European Forest strategy for 2030. It's a 27 pages document.


Even if the result is not perfect, at least we now have a new strategy with some highlights on major points, including important progress.


UEF will participate in the starting process to apply this strategy and will do its best to have clear and positive results.


You can look at the strategy and download it, using this direct link:  


And you can have a look too to the EU website for more details, using this direct link:


"Forests and other wooded land1 cover over 43.52% of the EU’s land space and they are essential for the health and wellbeing of all Europeans. We depend on them for the air we breathe and the water we drink and their rich biodiversity and unique natural system are home and habitat for most species found on land around the world.3 They are a place to connect with nature, thus helping us to strengthen our physical and mental health, and are central to preserving lively and prosperous rural areas.

Forests have long held a hugely important role in our economy and society, creating jobs and providing food, medicines, materials, clean water and more. For centuries, forests have been a thriving hub for cultural heritage and craftsmanship, tradition and innovation. But as important they were in the past, they are essential for our future. Forests are a natural ally in adapting to and fighting against climate change and will play a vital role in making Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050. Protecting forest ecosystems also lessens the risk of zoonotic diseases and global pandemics. A healthy future for people, planet and prosperity therefore depends on ensuring healthy, biodiverse and resilient forests across Europe and the world."... 


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