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A nice and successful XX UEF Congress in Chartres, France

Monday, October 04 , 2021 1158

The XX UEF Statutory Congress was held in France, in the city of Chartres, 80 km from Paris from 29 September to 2 October 2021. It was organized by EFA-CGC, the French member of the UEF.

All the necessary sanitarian protection rules were fully respected to insure the best sanitarian conditions to attend this important event in the UEF life.

Chartres offers one of the most famous gothic cathedrals in France, the oldest one, in an extraordinary level of conservation. The participants of the Congress could visit it and attended an amazing light and sound show. They also could have a touristic train tour all around the old city centre, enjoying the illuminations of the nice buildings in the night.

The Congress was primary planned at the end of June 2021, but due to the COVID 19 sanitarian situation, the UEF Presidency and the French organizing committee decided to postpone the Congress to 30 September - 2 October 2021.

It was a good decision and after more than two years without any face-to-face meetings, all the delegates of the member organizations coming from 17 countries all around Europe were able to join and be together to start the Congress.

On the 30 September, an International seminar was organized around this question: “Which multifunctional forest management in the context of climate change?”

Mr. Jean-Pierre Gorges, mayor of Chartres and president of the Chartres metropole welcomed all the delegates in the modern and nice congress hall of Chartres. The seminar was moderatd by Hélène Duchemin.

Some International keynote speakers from France, Belgium and Sweden introduced the topic. The UEF delegates also presented their answer in Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey Finland for example.

Fruitfull debates and talks helped all the participants to share ideas about this crucial question for the European foresters in the coming years. All foresters are of course nowadays thinking about the forest of the future.

For sure, the future forests will be more resilient, with more diversity, with a silviculture closer to Nature and will look like a kind of mosaic.

On the first of October, the statutory Congress was organized, with an important agenda.

Hervé Némoz-Rajot (France) and Bjorn Karlsson (Sweden) were elected to be president of the Congress

The former Presidency reported about the last 4 years activities and the achievements of UEF since the last Congress in Mainz (Germany) in 2017.

The president Michael Diemer introduced the reports and then the 3 vice-presidents, Hervé Némoz-Rajot, Ilpo Puputti and Tomasz Markiewicz (unfortunately absent but represented by Mr. Diemer), the secretary Thomas Baschny and assistant secretary Morten Gustafsson reported about thier activities and achievements.

The UEF treasurer, Anna Petrakieva, presented the budget and the accounts which were certified and adopted according to the suggestion of the two auditors.

A Congress motion was also discussed and adopted after fruitful debates. You'll find it on our website under the section "Documents".

And the action plan of the UEF and Presidency for the 4 coming years was adopted after fruitful discussions.

The elections for the new Presidency offered UEF a new team for the 4 years to come in front of us.

Here are the results:

President:                    Michael Diemer - Germany

Vice Presidents:          Tomasz Markiewicz - Poland

                                     Ilpo Puputti - Finland

                                     Anna Petrakieva - Bulgaria

Secretary:                    Thomas Baschny - Austria

Assitant secretary:      Marten Gustafsson - Sweden

Treasurer:                     François-Xavier Nicot - France

Auditors accounts:     Lars Delfs Mortensen - Denmark

                                     Beate Haspacher - Switzerland

Dep. auditors account: Marco Bonavia - Italia

                                        Christodoulos Christodoulou - Cyprus 

The Congres adopted then that the UEF Govening Council Meeting 2022 will be in Finland in June and in Sweden in 2023, thanks to our Finish and Swedish members. So the Finish delegation received the UEF flag from the French organizers.

Ivan Paligorov, president of the Bulgarian UBF, received a honorific diploma for more than 10 years of activities and meetings in UEF and Michael Diemer and Hervé Némoz-Rajot for more than 20 years.

To finish, Michael Diemer warmly thanked Hervé Némoz-Rajot, vice-president, leaving the presidency, after 16 years in the Presidency and 23 years in UEF since 1998 in Finland.

On Saturday 2 October, the delegates had an opportunity to have an overview of the French sustainable forest management during the fieldtrip organized in Eure et Loir.

The city of Chartres is surrounded by prestigious oak forests, owned by the former kings of France.

The fieldtour offered an opportunity to discover the sustainable silviculture of these prestigious oak forests in the State forest of Senonches. A part of the new roof of Notre Dame de Paris, rebuilt after the burning, comes from this forest.

This tour was leaded by ONF, National state forest service and representatives from the Regional Natural Park of "Le Perche".

The mayor of Senonches, Xavier Nicolas, welcomed the delegates in the castle of Senonches, with a visit of the intersting forest and foresters museum hosted in the castle.

In the afternoon, the delegates could discover a private forest, Bois Landry, including the visit of some huts up the trees, presented by this forest CEO, Bertrand Monthuir. Some information about the management of private forests in France (representing 75% of the forests) wear given by representatives of the CNPF, Private Forest National Center.

During the evening, the traditional farewell dinner was organized in the collegiale St André to conclude in the best French way the XX UEF Congress before all the departures of the delagates on Sunday 3 October.

The UEF Presidency

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