UEF Management | UEF Structure | External Representation

UEF is represented by a presidency, consisting of president, three vice presidents, secretary, assistant secretary and treasurer. Actual Presidency Structure is as follows:
The UEF Presidency for the period 2017 - 2021

From left to right: T. Markiewicz (Poland), M. Gustafsson (Sweden), I. Puputti (Finland), A. Petrakieva (Bulgaria), M. Diemer (Germany), H. Némoz-Rajot (France), and T. Baschny (Austria).
PresidentMichael Diemer, Germany
 Email: diemer-bell[at]t-online.de
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 Responsibilities: Management and coordination - Forest matters in the EU
Vice PresidentsHervé Némoz-Rajot, France
 Email: h.nr[at]wanadoo.fr
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 Responsibilities: Framework for information’s, Website
Tomasz Markiewicz, Poland
 Email: tomasz.markiewicz[at]poznan.lasy.gov.pl
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 Responsibilities: Educational matters and exchange facilities for graduates and students Forest Europe
Ilpo Puputti, Finland
 Email: ilpo.puputti[at]luva.fi
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 Responsibilities: Forest policy matters, UEF meetings and projects, UNECE-FAO
SecretaryThomas Baschny, Austria
 Email: thomas.baschny[at]bmlrt.gv.at
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 Responsibilities: Secretary tasks, Communicators network
Assistant SecretaryMårten Gustafsson , Sweden
 Email: marten.gustavsson[at]mellanskog.se
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 Responsibilities: Secretary tasks and Framework for member informations, EG F-BI
TreasurerAnna Petrakieva, Bulgaria
 Email: anpetrakieva[at]gmail.com
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 Responsibilities: Treasurer duties, accounts, financing matters and homepage publishing
AuditorsHenrik Steffensen Bach, Denmark
 Email: formand[at]skovogland.dk
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 Responsibilities: Certify the UEF accounts
Christodoulos A. Christodoulou, Cyprus
 Email: laona1967[at]gmail.com
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 Responsibilities: Certify the accounts
Dr. Mattia Busti, Italy
 Email: mattia.busti[at]conaf.it
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