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The International seminar in Chartres during the XX UEF Congress on You Tube

Thursday, September 23 , 2021 552

In the framework of the XX UEF Congress organized in Chartres, France, from September 29 to October 2, an International seminar will be organized the 30 of September.

The topic of this seminar will be : "Which multifunctional forest management in the context of climate change?".


If you are not able to attend physicaly this seminar, you'll be able to follow it on the Chartres city You Tube chanel.

You can use this direct link to this chanel to attend freely the whole seminar: 


You can find attached the program of the XX UEF Congress, including this seminar.


All the presentations during the seminar will also be publish on our UEF website after the seminar.


The UEF Presidency

Related documents:
XX UEF Congress program Eng final version.pdf

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