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Interesting ultimate guide to help prevent deforestation in the world

Monday, January 25 , 2021 657

One of the readers of our website sent us an E-mail, asking kindly for a publication on our UEF website of a really interesting document about deforestation in the world.


The author of this document: The ultimate guide to help prevent deforestation is Rachel Brown, from UK.

You can contact her at her E-mail adress: (replace at by @)


Rachel Brown is a senior writer at DIY Garden reporting on all things from gardening to fun with the kids. Her expertise stems from a passion to teach her children about the benefits of outdoor play and how to protect the environment.


In this piece, Rachel Brown covers 3 main points:

  • What deforestation is
  • Why deforestation is a major problem
  • How we can prevent and reverse deforestation


In the context of the Brexit and as profesionnal foresters, we decided to publish this nice document.


You can  download the document, including videos, using this direct link:


You can have a look at her website and her other publications.


The UEF Presidency wishes you all a nice use of the information contained in the document.


UEF is adding that the opinions and ideas included in the document are not an UEF official position and stay Rachel Brown's ideas and opinions.


The UEF Presidency


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