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A new virtual meeting of the EU Forest Based Industries expert group - 8 July 2020

Thursday, July 16 , 2020 1158

The F-BI expert group had a new meeting, the first one since the beginning of the corona virus sanitarian crisis. This meeting was mostly updated during Covid-19 time.


UEF has a seat in the expert group and attended virtualy the meeting with Marten Gustafsson, assitant secretary.


The EU Commission wanted the group to be informed about recent development concerning:


& Money support to forest based industry in the coming 5 years caused by Covid-19 impact


& Development around biodiversity strategy and discussion around forest strategy being based on biodiversity strategy in the future.


& Bark beetle impact report from EOS (European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry)


The meeting was the first video-meeting for this group and the presentations were on PowerPoints.

Discussion was held via chat-function and some questions were given speaking time by the chairman Peter Handley.


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