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21- 23 March 2019 World Wood Day in Austria

Monday, January 07 , 2019 907



The 2019 WWD Symposium and the 2nd IUFRO Forest Products Culture Research Group Colloquium which will be held from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd of March 2019 in the Austrian Open Air Museum Stuebing (Austria) is following the general theme: Change: from tradition to innovation.


5 main topics will be discuss.

Topic 1: Sustainable wood utilization starts with proper tree species identification

Keynote: Gerald Koch, Thuenen Institute, Hamburg, Germany
Paolo Cerutti, CIFOR, Nairobi, Kenya

A tremendous variety of wood species is available but some species no longer exist due to over-exploitation. Having tree species listed on CITES will help to safeguard them, and yet it still requires solutions to the traditional use for musical instruments and artists.
Within this session, topics such as wood identification, combatting illegal logging and trade, the impact of certifications, and wood species selection/replacement should be discussed. All talks will focus on wood use and wood culture.

Topic 2: Wooden buildings – tradition and innovation

Keynote: Gerhard Schickhofer, Technical University of Graz, Austria

The biggest quantity of wood has been and is still used today for wooden buildings. Increasing the sustainable use of wood has to be considered for this major application of timber.
Within this session, topics such as surveys of ancient wooden buildings, special architectural solutions related to wood protection, new concepts of wooden buildings, modern materials based on renewable resources for buildings, and examples of new and modern wooden buildings should be discussed.

Topic 3: Wood-based musical instruments, Art and Design

Keynote: Iris Bremaud, CNRS, Montpellier, France

Wood is the key-material for musical instruments, artistic artefacts and is an important raw material in design. Within this session, topics such as survey and description of traditional wooden musical instruments, art-objects, and traditional as well as new wooden-based design should be discussed.
Within this session, topics such as survey and description of traditional wooden musical instruments, art-objects, and traditional as well as new wooden-based design should be discussed.

Topic 4: Education – an essential tool for forest sustainability and wood utilization

Keynote: Sandra Rodríguez-Pineros, Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua, Mexico

Education is the key element for a sustainable future. Case studies of education in relation to wood culture should foster the interest in this topic and will bring new ideas for education.
Within this session, topics such as teaching projects dealing with forests and timber and new ideas in teaching wood culture, sustainable forestry, and how to inspire alternative uses of wood should be discussed.

Topic 5: Non-wood forest products

Keynote: Anthony Cunningham, Honorary Professor of The University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Non-wood forest products have played an important role in the past for various uses. And today there is an increasing interest in sustainable raw materials next to wood.
Within this session, topics such as utilization of bamboo and rattan (in former times and modern applications) and all other non-wood utilization of forest products such as resins, herbaceous plants, fungi, etc. should be discussed. The functions of forests as a protection from natural hazards to safeguard water supply and to be the basis of eco-tourism are also highly welcome.


 The symposium is co-organized by IAWA and IAWS, and is supported by IUFRO.


You can find more information on the web site, using this direct link:


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