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FAO organized in Roma the Fifth World Forest Week in July

Wednesday, August 17 , 2016 2012


FAO organized in Roma the last edition of the COFO and the 5th World Forest Week in July 2016.


Participants of the 23rd Session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) engaged in a series of discussions, events and publication launches under the theme 'Shaping a new agenda for forests'.  COFO 23 was convened in conjunction with the Fifth World Forest Week, 18-22 July 2016, at FAO headquarters in Rome.


COFO 23 started with the launch of FAO's flagship publication, State of the World's Forests 2016.

Discussions on forests and climate change highlighted FAO's climate change strategy. Currently under development, it will take a cross-cutting approach to FAO's work on climate, strengthening the impact of its delivery to member countries and international processes. COFO 23 adopted new voluntary guidelines on national forest monitoring. The session also considered FAO activities in support of member countries' efforts to enhance the contribution of forest products to food security and nutrition.  'Forestry for a low-carbon future: Integrating forests and wood products in climate change strategies' is a new FAO Technical Paper that provides examples about how the use of sustainably sourced wood can contribute to climate change mitigation measures, helping to expand a low-carbon economy.


A session on forest communications organized by the Regional Forest Communicators Network heard that public perceptions of forestry need to change, moving away from statistics and towards more positive perceptions of forestry issues and challenges by the general public.


Forest Europe Liaison Unit Bratislava (LUB), in cooperation with FAO and UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), organized a side event titled 'Perspectives and challenges ahead in European cooperation on forests', which took place on 19 July.  It was attended by over 30 participants from national delegations and international organizations.  The purpose of the event was to inform a broader audience and stimulate discussion about future actions embraced in the new Forest Europe Work Programme 2016—2020, which was adopted in May 2016.


The Chair in his closing remarks stressed the multiple linkages between the activities of the Work Programme.  Implementing them will require concrete, targeted inputs, and an enhanced cooperation among all signatories and observers participating in the Forest Europe process.


You can also have a look at this interesting presentation about the process of SFM criterias.

More information on the Forest Europe web site, following this link:

Or directly on the FAO web site:


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