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UEF attended the last Forest Europe expert meeting in Bratislava

Saturday, May 21 , 2016 2210

The last Forest Europe meeting was in May 11 and 12 in Slovakia in Bratislava city.

UEF attended this meeting, as usually.

Our Secretary, Thomas Baschny, represented UEF as observer.


Forest Europe is a 46 European countries organization, with the EU commission and 18 observers.

The aim of the Expert level meeting  2016 was to create a new work programme, to take decisions on possible future steps and to help to create the future direction on FOREST EUROPE process.

​A new working group was decided in Bratislava. It will be soon constituted.

​This group will be co-chaired by Ukraina and France.


​In order to develop the exchange of information, ​a link of key upcoming international events is provided on the FOREST EUROPE website.

You'll find it using this link:


​More information soon in our UEF website.

​THE UEF Presidency


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