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New Forest Europe expert level meeting 19-20 November 2020

Monday, November 09 , 2020 147

The Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe will have its next Ministerial Conference next year  from 14 to 15 April 2021 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

UEF is involved in this really important process for the future of the European forests since the begining.


UEF is member of the expert level group of the Ministerial Conference.

The next meeting of this expert group will be held in a virtual way, due to the health conditions with the Corona virus crisis, from 19 to 20 November 2020.

Tomasz Markiewicz, UEF vice President, is going to attend this meeting.


You can have more information using this direct link to the Forest europe Conference  web site:

You can also find attached the draft agenda of this meeting and the supporting document of this Expert Level Meeting.

More information here on our web site after the meeting.


The UEF Presidency

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