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NEW INFORMATION: XXIII UEF Governing Council Meeting in Poland 5 September 2020 will be virtual

Wednesday, March 18 , 2020 689

Due to the Coronas virus and the sanitarian situation, the UEF Presidency and the Polish member of UEF SITLiD decided that the XXIII UEF Governing council meeting will be virtual, by E-conference.


The UEF Presidency will be in Poland, in Puszczykowo, 20 km far from Poznan, in the West part of Poland and will chair our Governing Council Meeting.

It is planed now on Saturday 5 of September 2020.


The official delegates from our member organizations will find very soon on this website all the necessary information to register themselves and  attend our important annual meeting.

Registration will open soon in July.


The IX UEF Governing Council Meeting was held in the same place in Poland from 10 to 12 October 2002, 18 years ago.


Our Polish member, SITLID and the UEF Presidency invite all the UEF member organizations to attend this event, in a safe and virtual way..

The meeting will be organized in cooperation with the Polish state forest service.


The  delegates will receive all the technical information to attend in an electronic way the official meeting, scheduled on Saturday morning 5th September.


The UEF Presidency


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NEW INFORMATION: UEF International summer Forestry Camp in Poland 2020 is canceled
Saturday, March 28, 2020 787
Last minute news: The next edition of the UEF International summer forestry camp  in Poland from 24 August to 6 September 2020 is canceled, due to the Corona virus crisis.