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110th anniversary of the Bulgarian UBF in Yundola, 18 October 2019

Tuesday, October 22 , 2019 279

UBF, the Bulgarian member of UEF invited the UEF Presidency to the UBF 110th anniversary.

The UEF President Hakan Nystrand and vice president Hervé Némoz-Rajot attended already the 100th anniversary in Sofia 10 years ago.


The UEF Presidency had first on 17 October a fruitful Presidency meeting in Yundola, the forest training centre of the Sofia Forestry University, situated in the Rhodopid mountains, 2 h from Sofia.


On 18 October, the anniversary started with a ceremony at the European forest planted in Yundola during the UEF Governing Council Meeting in Sofia in 2006.


Then the UBF President, Ivan Paligorov, with the members of the UBF board, in front of a monument dedicated to the professor Asen Biolchev, paid a tribute to all the foresters who built a strong forest service in Bulgaria, in order to provide Bulgarian citizen rich and sustainable managed forests.

He had some words for Félix Vogeli, a French forester, who created a strong and still active soil erosion and mountain forest restauration service.


Then, back in the nice Yundola centre, Ivan Paligorov summarised all the UBF achievement since these 110 years of rich and important history. A lot of personalities could say some nice words about Bulgarian forest history.


Michael Diemer, president of UEF, stressed during its speech the strong link between UBF and UEF and the high level of their cooperation.


The anniversary was celebrated during a nice dinner in Yundola, joining all the participants.



The UEF Presidency

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