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XIX Congress 2017 in Mainz, Germany

27 September - 01 October 2017

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29th of September 2017 (Mainz, Germany)

  • opening of the XIX th UEF Congress
  • roll-call of delegates and approval of the list of delegates
    and announcement of the number of members present and entitled to vote
  • election of the President of Congress and his or her deputy,
    election of two minutes-takers, who shall also count the votes
  • adoption of the Congress agenda
  • report from the Presidency members
    • Responsibilities and overview of activities                                   
    • Matters on the EU and European level
      • Civil Dialogue Group (CDG) on Forestry and Cork
        and Expert Group on Forest Based Industry (FBI) 
      • UNECE-FAO                                                                     
      • Forest Europe Process                                                      
      • Forest Communicators Network
        and Forest Pedagogic Congress                                      
    • Reports about UEF´s activities
      • UEF meetings and UEF projects                              
      • Website and Communication                                           
      • Sleeping and new members activities                             
      • Treasurer economical report                                            
  • auditors’ report on final audits, discharge of the Presidency
  • motions put forward by the member organizations,
    each accompanied by a statement from the Presidency;
    action plan for the coming four years
  • approval of budget for the next year
  • election of the new Presidency
    • adoption of the election rules
    • election of the President
    • election of the three Vice Presidents
    • election of the Secretary and Assistant Secretary
    • election of the Treasurer
    • election of two auditors and two deputy auditors
  • proposals of next meetings
    • Governing Council Meeting 2018 and 2019
  • Miscellanous
  • Closing of the XIX th UEF Congress

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