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Next UEF Round Table Meeting in Brussels 20 of June 2017

Tuesday, April 04 , 2017 1104

UEF will organize a new Round Table Meeting in the European Forestry House in Brussels.

This one is organized in cooperation and partnership with Forest Europe.

Mr Michal Vanco, from the Forest Europe liaison unit in Bratislava will present a communication.

The main stakeholders in forestry will attend this meeting about this up to date topic:

”Green Jobs in the Forest Sector: Challenges and Opportunities”


A sustainable workforce with qualified forest managers, workers, entrepreneurs and the safety of the forest workforce is an important pillar of a competitive forest sector.
At the end of May, the EU Green week will focus on green jobs in general.

Please use this link for more information:

Forest Europe established also an Expert Group on Green jobs, Education and Training systems last December, which will have another Workshop at the end of June, in Bratislava. UEF supports this group and take an active part in its production.

Please, use this link for more information:

Beside and inbetween this two events, we would like to discuss and share experiences especially on Green Jobs in the Forest sector in an informal lunch meeting.


A keynote presentation will open the informal discussion in order to produce new ideas an an overview about this important topic.

UEF is actively engaged in this process, to promote good green forest jobs, all over Europe.


More information in our website after the meeting.


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